Annual Administrative Fee



January 2021

Re:  Annual Administrative Fee for non-Covered Services

Dear Patient/Parent,

Every year, we charge an administrative fee for the services we provide in between your visits – managing your refills, phone calls with your doctor, preauthorization’s for medications, working with your insurance company, diagnostic letters, etc. We now ask that you pay $50 for these services annually.

What does this charge cover?

  • Prior Authorizations for medications – Most medical offices charge for each prior authorization their office processes. Other offices charge up to $30 per medication that they must process a prior authorization for. Our office simply charges a yearly fee that covers all authorizations for that year.
  • Refills between appointments – Our patients require regular follow-ups and medication management (in most psychiatric offices, patients come back as frequently as once a month). We do not require patients to come in so often, eliminating the inconvenience of having to schedule and come into the office.
  • Letters, forms, and other paperwork – Most patients require letters or forms throughout the year (i.e., worker’s comp, diagnosis letters, testing accommodation letters, etc.) Instead of charging per letter or form, our office includes the time and cost of these letters in our yearly fee.
  • Phone calls between appointments – Many offices charge for phone calls with patients as full appointments. Our doctors are available to speak to you at no charge between appointments, as their time is covered by this yearly fee.

Ours is one of the very few offices in the Tri-County area that takes insurance for psychiatric practice. We have the very best doctors and we want to continue to serve you. Your consideration is most appreciated and will help us to stay in practice at this site.

Thank you.