Rx Refill Requests




1. No refills are done on Fridays or over the weekend. No exceptions, please plan ahead. 

2. All refill requests must be submitted through this form. We do not accept refill requests over the phone.

3. You must have a future appointment before we can put in your request for a refill. Before sending in a request, check with the office to make sure you have an upcoming appointment. Not having an appointment will delay or hinder your ability to get your medication, as we will deny refills if you are not booked for an upcoming appointment. Please make sure you are being seen regularly. If it is extremely urgent and you have exceeded your time between visits, your physician may prescribe a 15 day supply, at his or her discretion.

4. All refills take up to a MINIMUM of 3 days and typically are filled within 5 days (assuming you are requesting the refill in writing and you have an upcoming appointment). Please allow this much time for mistakes and problems.

5. We ask that you please make all requests for medication to our office directly, and do not go through your pharmacy to request medications. Often, the requests from the pharmacy do not go through and can cause delays in getting your medication.

We suggest keeping a 7 day supply of your medication in a separate bottle to avoid last-minute requests.